I’m an early-stage investor at Two Sigma Ventures, where I have the privilege of supporting mission-driven founders in their quest to build the next great software companies.

I started this blog to share some ideas that inspire me, and in doing so, hopefully inspire others. Some of the ideas I’ve been exploring lately relate to:

  • technology + social justice
  • climate tech
  • b2b marketplaces + payments
  • open source software
  • machine learning/data/cloud-native infrastructure.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. I hope you enjoy my musings.


Latest from Twitter

Large language models (LLMs) are one of the most game-changing ML innovations of the past decade.

They have the potential to revolutionize a number of industries but also come with the risk of exacerbating mis/disinformation and discrimination.


The great irony of the current private tech market crash is that new hire offers @ startups are INCREASING in terms of both cash and RSU comp. $100k+ sign on bonuses are becoming more common.

The market for technical talent remains as competitive as ever.

Some new insights from the @TwoSigmaVC open source team: Carbon, Google's successor to C++ is perhaps the fastest growing open source project ever.

It has reached 20k+ stars in the 10 days since its release!!!

Thank you to the VCs and founders who joined @VinIyengar + @laurenxandra_, and our friends at @DCGco + @insightpartners, for a special evening bringing together London’s vibrant tech ecosystem. More to come!

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