I’m an early-stage investor at Two Sigma Ventures, where I have the privilege of supporting mission-driven founders in their quest to build the next great software companies.

I started this blog to share some ideas that inspire me, and in doing so, hopefully inspire others. Some of the ideas I’ve been exploring lately relate to:

  • technology + social justice
  • climate tech
  • b2b marketplaces + payments
  • open source software
  • machine learning/data/cloud-native infrastructure.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. I hope you enjoy my musings.


Latest from Twitter

One of my coolest new features of @jemi_hq: the ability to build a custom website in <20min and share the template with the world. UGC templatization is the future of SaaS and a clear way companies can build moats over time (e.g. Notion).

Check out mine! https://jemi.so/template/vinayiyengar

Big congrats to @sytses, the entire team @gitlab, and my colleague @villi for being an early believer. Have learned so much watching this journey.

IPO #3 of the year for @TwoSigmaVC!


Here we go. Congrats @gitlab.

Pre-covid I started hosting free workouts for founders at barry's, soulcycle, corepower, etc. They are finally back! If you want to join a community of 250+ other fun, only sometimes athletic, inspiring founders - sign up here! (NYC founders only for now) https://airtable.com/shrl1IPgMCG09yOTo

If you're looking to break into VC (particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds), my DMs are open.

We're building the next category-defining venture firm @TwoSigmaVC and are excited to bring on new teammates for the ride! 🚀

Also, if you work at #Facebook and want to jump ship, now is the time, come work on #ClimateTech!!

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