I’m an early-stage investor at Two Sigma Ventures, where I have the privilege of supporting mission-driven founders in their quest to build the next great software companies.

I started this blog to share some ideas that inspire me, and in doing so, hopefully inspire others. Some of the ideas I’ve been exploring lately relate to:

  • technology + social justice
  • climate tech
  • b2b marketplaces + payments
  • open source software
  • machine learning/data/cloud-native infrastructure.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. I hope you enjoy my musings.


Latest from Twitter

One of the best-performing AEs at a portfolio companies was trained as a Lutheran pastor. Anecdotally, the best customer success hires are Teach for America alums.

Startups are so special - non-traditional backgrounds are not only welcome, but a superpower.

A much-needed annual reminder that what the Midas List really tells us is not who the best GPs are, but which funds constitute True Bridge's largest positions.

The entire dog and pony show is a (very smart) piece of content marketing to promote their managers. That's it.

Huge congrats to @Jobvo and the @remote team for raising $300M in Series C #funding! 🙌 A big leap forward towards anyone, anywhere accessing better opportunities.🚀 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-04-05/softbank-backed-startup-remote-nears-3-billion-value-in-funding

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