I’m an early-stage investor at Two Sigma Ventures, where I have the privilege of supporting mission-driven founders in their quest to build the next great software companies.

I started this blog to share some ideas that inspire me, and in doing so, hopefully inspire others. Some of the ideas I’ve been exploring lately relate to:

  • technology + social justice
  • climate tech
  • b2b marketplaces + payments
  • open source software
  • machine learning/data/cloud-native infrastructure.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. I hope you enjoy my musings.


Latest from Twitter

Reflecting on the tragedy in Oxford, this piece by @davidfrum resonates strongly.

Gun ownership/violence has surged through 2021. We desperately need a moral reckoning to confront gun ownership for what it truly is - not just dangerous, but irresponsible.

There’s nothing quite like talking to young entrepreneurs in India - the talent/hunger is extraordinarily inspiring. Many view Web3’s emergence as a defining, “level the playing field” moment.

Some amazing companies will emerge over the next few years 🇮🇳 this is just the start.

One of many fascinating implications of an increasingly competitive early-stage venture market: founders taking $ off the table early.

Today, it is not uncommon for founders to sell >$1m in secondary at the A! 😲 Some thoughts on this phenomenon and advice for founders... 👇🏾

While Web3 is tremendously exciting/early, a much needed reminder that Web2 is ALSO still exciting/early.

"Big 3" cloud spend is at $120b+/yr, continuing to grow 30%+ YoY. (Centralized) software is still eating the world and we're in the very early innings.

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